SOHO - Small Office Home Office

B2B Networks for SOHO’s

We’ve been examining ways for a SOHO business owner to develop a web-site, initializing the site and marketing the site through a search engine.

Building A Dynamic Web Presence

The importance of the visual presentation of the information on your site cannot be underestimated. The first impression to your audience is strong and memorable whether it is good or not.

Automating Your Marketing Systems

Every SOHO business can benefit from Automated Marketing Systems.

An Automated Marketing System works while the business owner is asleep! Isn’t that great? You can get your business in front of customers while you take a break from your days work!

The definition of automated marketing is the ability to use tools to market to clients on a real time basis using the internet or time based software. Time based software is software that is set by the business owner to do a certain task, such as, faxing correspondence to customers at a designated time, sending newsletters using a batch concept at a designated time and using voice/data tools for messaging.

When a SOHO business owner uses these tools, they are doing two things.

In the area of customer service, they are keeping their customers notified of services and products and new events that are happening with their business. Follow-up system and correspondence are paramount to customer service. Automated marketing systems, when configured correctly can help the business owner in various ways.

The business owner is also exploring new markets. This is accomplished by creating an aggressive Internet Marketing Training plan that can draw people to products or services by using directories and directory services such as Yahoo, Google or AdSpace. Your business light is on twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Most SOHO business owners have taken the smart way to marketing and have created a “hybrid” system of marketing which includes traditional marketing concepts with “new millennium” marketing concepts. Costs are shifted to the newer model of marketing because it is cheaper and reaches more people per dollar. In other words you get more bang for your buck!

There are plenty of resources that are free on the net to help you establish an automated marketing system for your business. ( has instructions and “white papers” on establishing a system for your SOHO business.